Vicky Lynne

I’ve always had a passion for all things health and wellness. As a 20 year veteran in the field of holistic healthcare I spent the first part of my career operating a thriving massage therapy practice with clients from all walks of life. My training includes yoga, meditation, massage therapy, Reiki, martial arts, laughter yoga, and health/life coaching with a focus on nutrition. I also have a background in conventional medicine and am a certified wedding officiant.

Volunteer work in many different capacities is a large part of my life. I’ve worked with The Livestrong Foundation, OVAC, American Cancer Society, Tamika and Friends, and more. I’ve been featured around the web in places like Inspire Me Today, a Celebration of Women and collaborated on an educational project with Indiana University Health. My volunteer efforts with pediatric cancer patients have been featured on all the major news networks and I was awarded the Lancaster Red Rose Award for outstanding volunteer efforts in the community. My story has been featured on WITF public television as well as Radio Smart Talk-public radio.

My passion is working with those looking to make lasting change in their health and life, starting right where they are.

Health and Life Coaching

If you have ever felt drained, used food for comfort, believed there weren’t enough hours in your day, questioned your calling/career, or felt like lasting relationships would never happen. I have been where you are and I know there is a better way. Together we can create a custom blueprint for your life and health.

Senior Specialties

Movement is extremely important as we age. Staying strong to avoid falls is just one the benefits of staying active as we age. I have countless testimonials from the seniors who participate in my special yoga classes for older adults. Reports of lower blood pressure, less arthritic pain, greater balance and flexibility are the norm. Offering classes for groups or individuals.

Yoga for every-body

Yoga is about so much more than the postures. Becoming flexible or standing on your hands are not the true goals. Yoga is about acceptance and appreciation of your body and who you are in the present moment. Yoga is about creating space in the parts of your life where you are stuck. It is about love and shifting your focus to your heart where you will grow.

Specialty Yoga

If you have ever wanted to explore yoga but thought the studio is just not for you, personalize it. We offer one on one classes with personalized attention. If you would prefer a girls/guys night out, we can bring the yoga party to you. Corporate wellness equates to fewer call offs, lower healthcare costs, and happier, more relaxed employees. We can bring yoga and mindfulness to your staff.

Yoga for Children/Teens

It is crucial for our kids to learn how to find peace on the inside regardless of what is happening around them. Kidding Around Yoga classes are designed to give your kids tools they can use now and for years to come. Our kids live in a busy, chaotic world and the benefits of yoga will filter to all aspects of their lives. We offer classes for home school groups, in public and private schools, one to one, and we have a Girl Scout patch program. Classes are customized according to age and skill level.


When we experience stress, pain, or illness our energy often becomes unbalanced and restricts the natural flow of energy through the body. Reiki is a holistic, hands-on system that promotes healing in the body, mind, and spirit. Reiki creates a state of peacefulness and calm as it helps to return the body’s flow of energy to it’s intended state of harmony. Reiki is wonderful for anyone seeking balance, clarity, and relaxation. We bring the table to you. We also offer in hospital Reiki.

It’s kinda fun to do the impossible. ~ Walt Disney