Your Life Redefined

Yoga for Every-Body

Yoga for kids, seniors and everyone in-between. We bring yoga to you and more importantly, we make it accessible to every skill level, age, and body type. Create strength, awareness and harmony in both body and mind.

Your Personal Nutrition Blueprint

Learn why diets don’t work. Increase your energy levels and feel better than you ever thought possible. This is not a cookie cutter approach. There is no one-size-fits-all. This is your personal nutrition blueprint and the key to your wellness.

Restore and Balance Energy through Reiki

Reiki(pronounced ray-key)is one of several therapies based on the biofield, or a type of energy field. It is a non-invasive, hands-on technique that supports the body’s own natural ability to heal. Great for anyone seeking balance, clarity and relaxation.

Discover Your Path

Explore how to turn your dreams into attainable goals. Find a sense of purpose and direction for your life. Life coaching puts the emphasis on action, accountability, and following through. You are capable of finding your own solutions. A life coach provides support and the framework for you to discover what it takes to reach your goals.

"Vicky is the soul of compassion to cancer survivors. She works tirelessly as a survivor advocate and is an example of how one committed person can make a difference. Through sharing her inspiring story she prepares anyone to take on any challenge and make a difference."